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"Those are the kind of people who put the sex on T.V."


–some girl we went to high school with

I don’t really know what it means to be ‘those kind of people’— doubt she did either when she said it in our Junior English class. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about those words though, how they fit together and what they could mean, even in the five or six years since. At first we thought the phrase might sound too edgy or too punk-ish to use as a name; the last thing we wanted was to come off as something we aren’t. We wanted this new project to reflect the honesty of our music as well as mark this strange time where three of us have found ourselves thrown in together. I can’t think of many other words that are as loaded or intimate as ‘sex’, and in the same vein, this is what distinguishes The Sex on T.V. from the other bands we’ve been involved with. The lyrics are more personal than any of our others have ever been. The sound reflects the years we all spent growing up under the influence of our parents’ music, as well as our own more modern influences (now that we don’t just sound like an angsty Muse cover band). We know that none of this really means anything until you actually hear our first E.P. and see us perform these songs that we’ve poured so much time into creating over the last year. We can’t wait to move forward and share The Sex on T.V. with you. 

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